Carmen Sandiego (2019)

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Carmen Sandiego is a Canadian-American Netflix animated action-adventure series with educational elements, based on the media franchise of the same name created by Broderbund. The series is produced by Houghton Mifflin Harcourt with DHX Media serving as the production company, and contains a "serialized look at Carmen’s backstory that is told from her perspective".

The Opera in the Outback Caper (Season 1, Episode 6)[edit | edit source]

While investigating V.I.L.E. activity at the Sydney Opera House, Carmen is accidentally exposed to a hypnotic suggestion meant for Jeanine Dennam, a rocket scientist attending the performance. Carmen and her team learn that the suggestion is meant to force Dennam to launch a defective rocket before it is ready, spreading debris across the Australian Outback. They arrive at the rocket launch site to stop the impending disaster, but when V.I.L.E. plays the trigger music over the loudspeaker system, it's Carmen herself who becomes the threat.

The Fashionista Caper (Season 2, Episode 4)[edit | edit source]

V.I.L.E., now in debt due to Carmen's interference, launches a plan to steal and sell off four original 14th century Medici costumes from a Milan fashion show. Instead of carrying out the heist themselves, they use mind control devices hidden in hats to hypnotize the models into stealing the dresses for them. Carmen teams up with Argent to fight off the brainwashed women and return the dresses safely to their museum.

To Steal or Not to Steal (Season 3, Episode 0)[edit | edit source]

In this interactive episode (in which the plot is directed by choices the viewer is asked to make along the way) Carmen is forced to carry out heist missions for V.I.L.E. after her friends Ivy and Zack are kidnapped by the criminal organization.

One possible ending sees Carmen attempting a rescue of Ivy and Zack on her own. She is knocked out and taken to a V.I.L.E. lab, where she is brainwashed into becoming a loyal agent of V.I.L.E.

A second ending sees Carmen successfully rescue Ivy and Zack. However, her friends have been turned into sleeper agents by V.I.L.E., and when Carmen takes them out for ice cream, their hidden programming activates. They are ordered to capture Carmen.

The Viennese Waltz Caper (Season 4, Episode 7)[edit | edit source]

Carmen is kidnapped and brainwashed into believing that she has always been a loyal agent of V.I.L.E. Her kidnappers also erase her ability to feel empathy or guilt, turning her into a cold and remorseless thief who leads a team of V.I.L.E. agents to Vienna to steal a priceless violin.

Six months later, a still-brainwashed Carmen has carried out enough heists to replenish V.I.L.E.'s depleted finances. She is offered, and accepts, a seat on V.I.L.E.'s board of directors, taking her place among her former criminal enemies.