Cat's Eye

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The three Kisugi sisters—Rui, Hitomi and Ai—during the day run a small cafe called "Cat's Eye". To discover the whereabouts of their father, the artist Michael Heintz, who has disappeared, Hitomi and her sisters rob art galleries as the smart and mysterious thief "Cat's Eye" in the hope that his works can give them clues about his vanishing. The crucial point is that Hitomi has a relationship with Toshi, a police inspector who has sworn to catch "Cat's Eye"—and of course he has no idea about Hitomi's double life.

"Do You Like Dog Food?" (Season 1 Episode 10)[edit | edit source]

Despite being wounded during an encounter with a rabid dog Toshio  insist on going back to work, his girlfriend Hitomi hypnotize him with a pendulum to make him sleep.

"A Mystery for a Winter Night" (Season 2 Episode 12)[edit | edit source]

By using subliminal messages hiding inside a video a criminal succeed in brainwashing and compelling Ai to steal expensive painting for him.