Challenge of the GoBots

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Challenge of the GoBots is an American animated series produced by Hanna-Barbera, based on the Gobots toy-line released from Tonka. The GoBots were Tonka's robot line to challenge the Transformers, the line of robot toys put out by Hasbro which had a successful cartoon developed around it. Challenge of the GoBots aired from 1984 to 1985, and focused on the battle between the Guardians (the good guys) and the Renegades (the bad guys) as their fight moved from their home planet of Gobotron to Earth (and later in the series back to Gobotron).

The Battle for Gobotron (Episode 3: Conquest of Earth, Episode 4: Earthbound, Episode 5: The Final Conflict)[edit | edit source]

The first five episodes of the series are a mini-series that sets the story for the series. The Guardians and Renegades' battle for Gobotron is carried over to Earth. The Guardians strike a decisive victory over the Renegades on Gobotron, which cause the Renegades' leader Cy-kill and his supporters to flee to Earth. The Guardians follow the Renegades; both sides make human allies, with the Renegades working with Dr. Zebediah Braxis and the Guardians being helped by Nick Burns, Matt Hunter, and A. J. Foster. Cy-kill heads Siberia to get the sorium crystal, which he then takes to NORAD Center in Colorado. There the Renegades build the pulsar generation, a device that emits a sonic pulse that puts humans under the mind control of Cy-kill. Cy-kill first uses the generator to bring the Center and the area within 5 miles under his control, then he expands that out to the entire world. With the world under his control, he has his human slave population hunt down the Guardians and build Zods to help him win the battle on Gobotron. The Guardians are able to break Nick, A. J. and Matt free of Cy-kill's control and with their help are able to launch a sneak attack on NORAD and destroy the pulsar generator and the Zod fleet Cy-kill sends to Gobotron.

Episode 3: Conquest of Earth[edit | edit source]

Episode 4: Earthbound[edit | edit source]

Episode 5: The Final Conflict[edit | edit source]

Episode 43: The Seer[edit | edit source]

Cy-Kill and his minions capture a young psychic boy and his mother, hoping to use the boy's ability to predict the future as a way to defeat the Guardians. He hypnotizes the boy's mother to ensure their compliance.