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Plot[edit | edit source]

Is a Mexican tv series of sketches created by Roberto Gómez Bolaños(R.I.P)

Episode 379 "The drunk and the hypnotist"[edit | edit source]

A hypnotist tries to hypnotize Chimustrufia but hypnotizes Chompiras insted and now every time that he hears a bell he will get drunk

CHESPIRITO EPISODIO 376 (1987)-1.jpg

Episode 389 "The hypnotist"[edit | edit source]

Botija goes to a hypnosis stage show, and tries to hypnotize Chompiras, but fails, and Chompiras tries the same on Botija and the hypnosis really works, Chompiras accidentally hypnotizes all the people even the hypnotist.


Unknown Episode "The hypnosis doesn't work on thiefs"[edit | edit source]

CHESPIRITO 1985 - El chompiras - La hipnosis afecta a los rateros.jpg