Class of the Titans

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Class of the Titans is a 2008 animated series produced by Nelvana for Teletoon and the defunct Discovery Kids channel. IT chronicles the adventures of five descendents of Greek heroes as they battle the ancient evil Titan Cronus.

The Nature of Things (Season 1, Episode 5)[edit | edit source]

The Chosen Ones' High School falls under the sway of a charismatic DJ named Phil, AKA DJ Panic. When examining Panic's CD, Odie, Archie, Apollo, and Herry find themselves mezmerized.

Later, when Atalanta, who is smitten with Phil, stumbles onto his scheme, Pan hypnotizes her to obliviously sway to his music.

Pan later uses his music to ensare everyone in attendence at a party and make them vulnerable to his vines.

Finally, it's revealed that Pan himself was corrupted by series antagonist Cronus.

Make-up Exam ( Season 1, Episode 14 )[edit | edit source]

Arachne hypnotize Atlanta into luring her fellow Titans into a trap by making her believe that she' her only true friend.