Con la Muerte en los 2 Tacones

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Con la Muerte en los 2 Tacones (AKA "Deadly High Heels") is a 2009 Spanish independent film written and directed by David Diaz. It is a sequel of sorts to Diaz's 2007 short film Con la Muerte en los Tacones.

Plot[edit | edit source]

Unpopular students Jaime (Diaz) and Bertucho (Bruno Cuevas) crash a party. Using a book called "The Art of Hypnosis," Jaime plans to hypnotize all of the women at the party while the male party guests are off playing video games. He is able to telepathically place all of them into a trance, but an ill-timed comment from Bertucho makes them believe that they are flesh-eating zombies. The hypnotized girls turn on their boyfriends and the other men in the house, leading to bloody chaos. Eventually Jaime, frustrated and angry, curses God, who responds by zapping him with a bolt of lightning and breaking his hypnotic hold over the girls.

Later, Jaime gets his revenge on Bertucho by hypnotizing a beautiful woman and sending her to Berucho's room, armed with a post-hypnotic suggestion to act like a wild animal.

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