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Continuum was a 2012 - 2015 Canadian science fiction series about a Police Detective (Rachel Nichols) who travels back in time to 2012 from the year 2077 in pursuit of a group of anti-government rebels who have done the same. The series costars Victor Webster, Eric Knudsen, and Tony Amendola.

Playtime (Season 1, Episode 8)[edit | edit source]

Mark (Matthew Mylrea) walks up to Greg Moritz (Danny Wattley) during a paintball game and calmly shoots him dead with a real gun before killing himself. In another part of town, Yvonne (Monique Ganderton) grabs Cole Bartley (Evan Frayne) and throws both of them in front of a moving train. Kiera (Nichols) investigates and learns that the two dead men were tech executives while the killers were beta-testers at Tendyne, a software company. Tendyne executive Fred (Aaron Craven) invites Kiera and Betty (Jennifer Spence) to try one of the company's virtual reality games that is under development. During the game, Kiera loses consciousness.

Kiera suspects that mind control may be at the root of the mystery and explains that scientists in 2077 had already developed the technology to take control of a person's mind. Unfortunately, Fred used the beta-testing to learn how to take control of Kiera, and trades it to Lucas Ingram (Omari Newton), one of the rebels from the future, in exchange for that very same mind control technology.

When Kiera and Carlos (Webster) return to Tendyne, Ingram takes over Kiera's mind. Kiera goes into a trance and tries to kill Fred. Carlos unsuccessfully tries to stop her. Kiera is then programmed to kill Carlos and herself. Back at home base, Alec (Knudesen) manages to hack his way back into control of Kiera's systems and "turns her off," breaking the control.

Minute to Win It (Season 3, Episode 3)[edit | edit source]

The rebels begin robbing banks with the help of mind controlled-minions, but Kiera and Carlos discover that money is not really what the rebels are after.