Counterstrike (TV Series)

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Counterstrike is a Canadian/French crime-fighting/espionage television series. The series premiered on American cable channel USA Network on July 1, 1990. It ran for three seasons, airing 66 hour-long episodes in total.

After his wife is kidnapped by terrorists, international industrialist Alexander Addington (Christopher Plummer) assembles a clandestine team of troubleshooters to help combat terrorism around the world. Among the recruits are Peter Sinclair (Simon MacCorkindale), a British detective from Scotland Yard; Nicole Beaumont (Cyrielle Clair), a French thief with extensive connections to the criminal underworld; and Luke Brenner (Stephen Shellan) an American mercenary. French reporter Gabrielle Germont (Sophie Michaud) joins the group in the second season, replacing Nicole. Series regulars also included Hector Stone (James Purcell), J.J. (Andre Meyers), and Bennett (Tom Kneebone).

Mindbender (Season 1, Episode 17)[edit | edit source]

Luke is kidnapped, brainwashed and hypnotized by Russian Military Intelligence to became an assassin. When he returns to his old life, his behavior makes Peter and Nicole suspicious. Can they find out what Luke is up to?

In the Blood (Season 2, Episode 12)[edit | edit source]

Gabrielle chaperones a teenage female tennis prodigy (Ariana Cervenka) at an elite tennis academy run by a creepy coach (Nicholas Kibertus) whom Gabrielle suspects of being a vampire. Meanwhile, Peter and Stone slowly uncover the truth about the coach.

Muerte (Season 3, Episode 21)[edit | edit source]

Muerte, a murder-for-hire organization uses brainwashed assassins like Sandra (Vanity) to kill people. Counterstrike team thwarts a killing and soon catches Sandra. De-programming her is not easy.