Creature of Destruction

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Creature of Destruction is a 1967 American horror movie about a hypnotist who regresses his beautiful assistant back to the violent amphibious humanoid creature that she was in a past life, and uses the physical manifestation of the creature to eliminate his enemies. The film stars Les Tremayne, Pat Delaney, and Aron Kincaid. It is an unofficial remake of the 1956 American horror movie The She Creature.

Plot Summary[edit | edit source]

Hypnotist John Basso (Tremayne) is a self-proclaimed expert on reincarnation and reliving past lives through hypnosis. He attracts scorn from the scientific community when he claims that he can regress people back to a time before humans existed. Basso's test subject is his beautiful assistant Doreen (Delaney). Doreen has come to despise Basso but cannot break his hypnotic hold over her.

Basso has discovered that he can regress Doreen to a point millions of years in the past, where she was a giant humanoid amphibian. While Doreen is in a trance reliving this past life, Basso can summon a physical manifestation of the creature from a nearby lake and use it to kill his enemies. As a side benefit, Basso begins using his shows to predict the next victim of the creature, which leads to big crowds.

Ted Dell (Kincaid), an Air Force psychologist and skeptic, attends one of Basso's shows. Basso invites Ted to come on stage and question the hypnotized Doreen as a means of validating Basso's theories. As the bodies begin to pile up, Ted works to break Doreen free of Basso's influence.

At a show, Doreen goes into a trance but resists Basso's commands. The creature appears and goes on a rampage, opposed by Police Lieutenant Blake (Roger Ready) and his men. Ted takes advantage of the confusion to try to rescue Doreen but is confronted by Basso. Doreen jumps in front of Ted just as Basso shoots him; the bullet hits Doreen instead and kills both her and the monster. Basso them kills himself while a shocked Ted can only stand and watch.