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Crossworlds is a 1996 American science fiction film about a young man (Josh Charles) who discovers that he is a central figure in a long-running war for control of a mystical device that allows for travel between dimensions. The film costarred Andrea Roth, Rutger Hauer, and Stuart Wilson.

Plot Summary[edit | edit source]

The evil Ferris (Wilson) is searching for a crystal that, when combined with a magical scepter, will create a powerful device capable of allowing for easy travel between alternate universes. When Joe (Charles) meets Laura (Roth), she tells him that his late father was part of a group of heroes dedicated to stopping Ferris, and that the crystal Joe wears around his neck (a gift from his father) is the crystal that Ferris seeks. Together with wise mentor A.T. (Hauer), they try to protect the crystal and recover the scepter so that evil forces cannot invade and conquer our dimension.

Scene Summary[edit | edit source]

Ferris quietly hypnotizes Laura into revealing that Joe has the crystal.