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D'artagnan (also known as Extraordinary D'artagnan and D'artagnan Super Album) was a 1967-2000 Argentinian comic book series published by Editorial Columba. Originally a literary magazine the series shifted to publishing comic strips in 1967. Issues were typically published in anthology format, much like the literary magazine, and combined home-grown strips (such as Nippur de Lagash), strips inspired by other stories (Gilgamesh the Immortal) and strips based on other media. Many notable Argentinian writers and screenwriters produced stories for the series

Issue #226[edit | edit source]

This issue included a comic adaptation of the 1969 movie On Her Majesty's Secret Service, in which secret agent James Bond investigates a mountaintop spa and discovers that the beautiful patients are being brainwashed to turn them into unwitting eco-terrorists.