Dark Shadows (1966 TV series)

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Dark Shadows was a 1966 - 1971 daytime gothic soap opera that aired on the ABC television network. With vampires, witches, warlocks, werewolves, and other supernatural creatures, it became a surprising popular phenomenon. The story centers around the Collins family of Collinsport, Maine who are tormented by strange occurrences. The series starred Johnathan Frid, Grayson Hall, and Nancy Barrett in addition to a large supporting cast.

The series developed a strong cult following. The characters appeared in three theatrical releases (House of Dark Shadows, 1970; Night of Dark Shadows, 1971; and Dark Shadows, 2012), a short-lived 1991 revival on the NBC television network, and a (never aired) pilot episode for a 2004 revival on the WB television network.

Episode 295[edit | edit source]

Dr. Julia Hoffman hypnotizes Maggie into forgetting that she was kidnapped by Barnabas and held prisoner.

Episode 298[edit | edit source]

During a conversation with Vicky Maggie starts to recall the memories she was hypnotized to forget, Dr. Julia disrupts the conversation by talking about jewelry, Julia shows them the medallion,and just seeing it calms Maggie. Julia asks if she could have a cup of tea, and Vicki goes off to the kitchen. This gives Julia the opportunity to hypnotize Maggie again. By the time Vicki comes back with the tea, Maggie is smiling and relaxed.

Episode 347[edit | edit source]

Dr. Julia hypnotize Vicky, then she leads the mesmerized Vicki all the way over to the Old House, and down into the basement.  

Episode 462[edit | edit source]

Dr. Julia Hoffman hypnotizes Vicky to make her recall some past life memories. After reliving an unpleasant memory Vicky starts to panic, Julia then hypnotize her to sleep.

Episode 474[edit | edit source]

Angelique posed as Cassandra, and hypnotized Roger into marrying her, later Roger starts to snap out of her control but she drugs his drink and hypnotize him again.

Episode 477[edit | edit source]

Angelique hypnotized Tony so that he would steal some objects from Dr. Lang.

Episode 480[edit | edit source]

Dr. Julia Hoffman hypnotized Jeff to make him forget that Dr. Lang tried to cut off his head.

Episode 593[edit | edit source]

Julia hypnotizes Maggie again.

Episode 1055[edit | edit source]

Angelique uses a spell to place Maggie under her control, she orders the bewitched Maggie to shoot Quentin.

Episode 1103[edit | edit source]

Daphne has a premonition of an approaching disaster but will not reveal the exact details. Dr. Julia uses hypnosis to compel Daphne to reveal the date of the catastrophe, which turns out to be just a few hours away.