Dark Shadows (1991)

Dark Shadows was a 1991 American horror series that aired on the NBC television network. It was a remake/reboot of the popular 1966 ABC soap opera of the same name, and starred Ben Cross, Joanna Going, and Barbara Steele. The initial 12 episodes summarized the origin of Barnabas Collins (Cross), a man who becomes a vampire in the 1790s and is resurrected in the 1990s. The show was cancelled before the story line could be resolved or new episodes produced.

Pilot (Season 1, Episode 1) Edit

Victoria Williams (Going) arrives in Collinsport to become a nanny for the wealthy and reclusive Collins family. Willie (Jim Fyfe) breaks into the Collins family crypt looking for treasure, but instead revives Barnabas Collins (Cross), a vampire who has been chained inside the crypt for 200 years. Banabas attacks and bites Daphne Collins (Rebecca Staab), putting her in the hospital. Later, he attacks and kills another woman. The police are baffled, and ask Dr. Julia Hoffman (Steele) to hypnotize Daphne in an attempt to recover her memories. Later, Daphne returns to the Collins house, where Barnabas is pretending to be a distant relative of himself while he romances Victoria. Barnabas summons Daphne to the top of the stairs and makes her faint- part of his plan to get her moved to more accessible accommodations on the first floor.

Episode 2 (Season 1, Episode 2) Edit

As Barnabas suspected, Daphne is moved to a first-floor bedroom so that she won't fall down the stairs. The new bedroom has doors that open to the outside. In classic horror-movie fashion, Barnabas summons Daphne, who walks outside and is drained by Barnabas. Later, she becomes a vampire, using her new powers to hypnotize her boyfriend Joe Haskell (Michael T. Weiss).

Episode 5 (Season 1, Episode 5) Edit

Julia achieves significant progress in her effort to cure Barnabas of his vampirism, but when it becomes clear that he prefers Victoria over her, she sabotages the treatments so that Barnabas reverts to his primal, 200-year-old vampiric self. Carolyn Stoddard (Barbara Blackburn) unwittingly comes across Barnabas in this state and he savagely attacks her, drinking her blood and placing her under his control.

Episode 6 (Season 1, Episode 6) Edit

Carolyn becomes the hypnotized servant of Barnabas as he plots to get his revenge on Julia. Later, the ghost of Sarah (Veronica Lauren) prompts the Collins family to hold a seance. Victoria goes into a trance and channels Sarah's spirit.

Episode 7 (Season 1, Episode 7) Edit

Victoria is sent back in time to 1790, where she finds a still-human Barnabas preparing for his wedding to Josette (who looks exactly like Victoria). Angelique (Lysette Anthony), a spurned former lover of Barnabas, uses her magic to enslave Ben Loomis (Fyfe), forcing him to help her in her quest for revenge.

Episode 8 (Season 1, Episode 8) Edit

Angelique casts a spell to make Josette fall madly in love with Jeremiah Collins (Adrian Paul). Barnabas challenges him to a duel and kills him, but Jeremiah's death does not break Angelique's hold over Josette.

Episode 9 (Season 1, Episode 9) Edit

In 1790, Angelique resurrects Jeremiah as a mindless zombie slave. In 1990, Carolyn continues to carry out her master's orders. At a seance intended to return Victoria to the present, Angelique's ghost appears and possesses Julia.

Episode 10 (Season 1, Episode 10) Edit

Joe encounters the entranced Carolyn as she answers a summons from Barnabas. He discovers the bite marks on her neck and, suspicious, follows her to the cemetery where she offers herself to Barnabas.

Episode 11 (Season 1, Episode 11) Edit

In 1790, Barnabas becomes a vampire, and begins hypnotizing Josette into becoming his vampire bride. In 1990, an Angelique-possessed Julia kills Joe before he can drive a stake through Barnabas's heart.

Episode 12 (Season 1, Episode 12) Edit

In 1990, the Collins family tries to rescue Victoria before Phyllis, the girl Victoria displaced in time, dies. Maggie (Ely Pouget) performs a harrowing but successful exorcism to drive Angelique's spirit out of Julia, only to become possessed by the witch herself. In 1790, Victoria is about to be hanged as a witch when she finally swaps places with Phyllis again (who is hanged in her place!) Vampire Barnabas is chained up inside the Collins family crypt, bringing the story full-circle.