De Mesmer con amor

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De Mesmer con amor[edit | edit source]

Also known as "Té para dos" is a mexican short film, known for winning the Cannes prize, It is a story based on real events.

The plot is about a psychology student named Alberto who wants to learn more about the mind and hypnosis, in one of his classes the teacher explains that to keep the hypnosis active you have to put a "trigger word" in the mind of the person and normally this must be related to something of the person's daily life.
He asks his teacher if the phrase "Do you want a tea?" It could serve as a trigger, and the teacher says yes.
At the end of the class Alberto is interested in hypnosis and decides to try it with his neighbor, who recently had problems with her husband (who has just gone on a trip) and is quite susceptible to emotions and is easier to accept be hypnotized.
When he hypnotizes her, he discovers that she begins to obey all his orders, even manages to make her kiss him and cheat on her husband, Alberto mentions that "Do you want a tea?" it will be the key word and every one who hears it will go into a trance. Alberto takes advantage of this situation with the woman for weeks, and then we cut to a scene where Alberto is talking to a psychologist and tells him what happened, the day the husband returned, she confessed that hypnosis only worked the first time and she remembered everything, that the other times she only pretended to be hypnotized was for fun, but now that her husband returns they will not be able to do it anymore, this situation left Alberto very impressed, that's where the movie ends.