Diagnosis: Murder

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Diagnosis: Murder was a 1993 - 2001 American detective series starring Dick Van Dyke as Dr. Mark Sloan, a talented physician who is also an amateur detective. The series costarred Victoria Rowell, Barry Van Dyke, Michael Tucci, and Charlie Schlatter.

Delusions of Murder (Season 4, Episode 19)[edit | edit source]

Doctor Reed (Dwight Schultz) is an unethical psychiatrist who uses hypnosis to get his female patients to sleep with him. His wife Claire (Teri Austin) discovers his secret and threatens to reveal it to everyone unless he agrees to give her everything in their divorce settlement. Reed hypnotizes Barbara (Kimberlin Brown), one of his patients, and drives to his house to murder his wife. Barbara comes out of her trance to find herself holding a bloody knife and standing over Claire's body. Reed insists that Barbara killed Claire in a jealous rage, and Barbara can't remember anything, but Dr. Sloan may have a way to prove Barbara's innocence and Dr. Reed's guilt.