Digimon: Digital Monsters

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Digimon Adventure (デジモンアドベンチャー Dejimon Adobenchā), known as the first season of Digimon: Digital Monsters outside Japan, is a Japanese anime television series created by Akiyoshi Hongo and produced by Toei Animation in cooperation with WiZ, Bandai and Fuji Television. It is the first anime installment in the Digimon media franchise, based on the virtual pet of the same name. The series features a group of children who are transported to another world called the "Digital World", where each of them is partnered with a Digimon and become the "DigiDestined", tasked to save the Digital World from evil. It aired in Japan between March 7, 1999 and March 26, 2000.

Episode 6: "Togemon in Toy Town" ("Togemon Angrily!")[edit | edit source]

In this episode, Tai, Sora, Matt, Joe, TK and Izzy were hypnotized by Monzaemon.

Episode 38: "Prophecy" ("Revival! The Demon Lord VenomVamdemon")[edit | edit source]

Sora's mother, and other people gets sleep by Myotismon and after his first death, they continuing to sleep, but says weird words, like sleepwalks.