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Dinosaucers is a 1987 American-Canadian animated series that aired in first-run syndication. Produced by D.I.C., it follows the adventures of the Dinosaucers and the Tyrants, two competing groups of intelligent, anthropomorphic dinosaurs from the planet Reptilon who travel to Earth. The friendly Dinosaucers team up with four Earth teenagers to keep the planet safe from the Tyrannos. The series was cancelled after 85 episodes due to poor ratings.

Trick or Cheat (Season 1, Episode 13)[edit | edit source]

The Secret Scouts practice magic tricks for the Dinosaucers at an abandoned amusement park. Quackpot, one of the Tyrannos (and an aspiring magician himself) decides to upstage them. After capturing both the teens and most of the Dinosaucers, he puts on a magic show using a hypnotized Sarah as his assistant.