El Combo Amarillo

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El Combo Amarillo (AKA "The Yellow Combo") was a 2011-2015 Ecuadorian sitcom that aired on the Ecuavisa television network. It was a spinoff of the 2010 series La Taxista, and was about the owners and employees of a taxi company who run their taxi service by day and use the same building for a nightclub (featuring themselves as the house band) in the evenings. The series starred Jose Northia, Mercedes Pacheco, Maria Fernanda Rios, Jonathan Estrada, and Ricardo Gonzalez, with additional cast members joining the tax company in later seasons.

El Combo Hipnotizado (Season 1, Episode ?)[edit | edit source]

The gang watches as Tony is hypnotized, and everyone else goes under as well. Tony is unaffected, but everyone else falls into a trance when they hear the word "rubia" ("blonde"). Selva becomes a hippie; Estrellita becomes a 50s housewife; Marcelo becomes a nerdy intellectual; and Chinto becomes a ladies man. An annoyed Tony has to bring the hypnotist back to undo the damage.