Enamorandome de Ramon

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Plot[edit | edit source]

Enamorandome de Ramon a Mexican tv show based on the Venezuelan tv show "Tomasa te quiero".

The parents of Andrea Medina and Fabiola Medina die in a plane crash, and since they are still minors they leave the inheritance of 100 million usd to the servant of the family called Juana, This decision will create many conflicts between Juana and the relatives of Andrea and Fabiola, because they want the money, sometimes they will even put Andrea and Fabiola against Juana using lies to get the money.

First 30 episodes[edit | edit source]

Andrea feels guilty about the death of her parents and due to the trauma she remains speechless, This is because one night before the death of her parents, she got angry because they could not get her a book on her trip to France, Andrea being very angry tells them "If you do not bring me that book, you better not come back".

Juana worried about the health of Andrea takes her to a psychologist who decides to use hypnosis to return the speech to Andrea.

The therapies of hypnosis happen several times in the first 30 episodes where Andrea reveals many things about her, among which reveals that she is in love with her cousin Jorge.(At the end is discovered that Jorge is adopted so He isn't her cousin and they can love each other)

Episodes 97-100[edit | edit source]

Andrea is kidnapped by her grandmother because she can't accept that she loves Jorge, and thinks that the relationship between Andrea and Jorge is "innapropiate". The grandma uses a powerful drug, to make Andrea very suggestible, and commands Andrea to write a letter to Jorge, where she says that she can't love him, and she run away from him. Using the drug the Grandma makes Andrea never leaves her house, until one day she forgets give the drug to her, and she ask for help. Jorge and Ramon go to her rescue.