Enigma (1977 TV Movie)

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Enigma is a 1977 American 'spy-fi' action-adventure movie that aired on the CBS television network as the pilot for a proposed television series. It starred Scoot Hylands as Andrew Icarus, an American secret agent who teams up with a Chinese counterpart (Soon-Tek Oh) to battle criminals. Created and developed by Sam Rolfe, of The Man from U.N.C.L.E fame, the movie failed to generate any interest from CBS or other television networks, and it was not turned into a weekly series. The movie costarred Guy Doleman, Melinda Dillon, and Barbara Jones.

Scene Summary[edit | edit source]

After a waterfront battle, an injured Icarus contacts his boss, Baron Mockcastle (Doleman) for help. Mockcastle sends him to the apartment Dr. Beverly Gordon (Melody Johnson) for some off-the-record medical treatment. Dr. Gordon is a brainwashed secret agent who can be activated by a special pendant and a trigger phrase. After she treats his wounds, he uses the pendant and phrase on her again to make her forget the truth about her identity and his.

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