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The Fantastic Four (AKA The Fantastic 4) is a long-running comic book series published by Marvel Comics and created by Stan Lee and Jack Kirby. The series was the first superhero team created by Marvel Comics and features four astronauts who develop superpowers after their space mission exposes them to cosmic radiation: Reed "Mister Fantastic" Richards; Sue "Invisible Woman" Storm; Johnny "The Human Torch" Storm; and Ben "The Thing" Grimm.

The Menace of the Miracle Man (Volume 1, Issue 3)[edit | edit source]

The Miracle Man, a magician, begins to terrorize the city and threatens to conquer the world. Sue goes invisible to spy on him, but her captures her and hypnotizes her into leading the other team members into an ambush. Johnny uses his flame powers to temporarily blind the villain, allowing the team to capture him and wake Sue from her trance.

The Merciless Puppet Master! (Volume 1, Issue 14)[edit | edit source]

The Puppet Master uses his clay to take control of Namor, the Sub-Mariner. Namor sends a telepathic message to Sue to come meet him, alone. When she does, he uses a hypno-fish to mesmerize her and carry her to the bottom of the sea as a hostage.

Within This Tortured Land! (Volume 1, Issue 85)[edit | edit source]

The Four (with Crystal standing in for Sue) are drugged and hypnotized by Dr. Doom into believing that they have lost their powers.

When Worlds Die! (Volume 1, Issue 205)[edit | edit source]

While Reed, Sue, and Ben head off to another planet to fight Skrulls, an unhappy Johnny enrolls in Security University to "sort things out." What he doesn't know is that the college is a front run by the villain Monocle, who is hypnotizing the students into stealing secrets from their parents.

Might of the Monocle! (Volume 1, Issue 207)[edit | edit source]

A hypnotized Johnny steals information from Reed's lab before returning to campus. Peter Parker, newly employed by the Daily Globe, goes undercover as a new student to learn more about the exclusive university. Monocle defies his superiors and orders his hypnotized minions to steal weapons from a nearby army base, but Spider-Man breaks up the crime. Back at the college, Monocle sends the hypnotized students (and a re-hypnotized Johnny) to fight Spidey while he tries to escape, but his one-man rocket is blown out of the sky by The Enclave in punishment for his disobedience.

The Moon is a Lonely Place to Die Hard! (Volume 3, Issue 14)[edit | edit source]

The team battles Ronan the Accuser above the Blue Area of the Moon, but the battle goes badly for the Four and Sue holds off Ronan while the others escape. Ronan produces a creature called a Mannequin that is capable of penetrating her force field and taking control of her mind.

A Clash of Iron (Volume 3, Issue 15)[edit | edit source]

Sue is completely under Ronan's control. However, a side effect of the Mannequin parasite controlling her is that every time she is injured, her body self-heals in a manner that makes her more alien in appearance and animalistic in nature.

Bedlam Breakout! (Volume 3, Issue 18)[edit | edit source]

The team is locked inside of a virtual reality simulation, and the Twisted Sisters use their powers to transform Sue into "Torque," intending to make her their brainwashed ally. Instead, "Torque" turns against them and, with Reed's help, uses her force field powers to destroy the VR machines that the team is trapped inside of. Sue becomes her old self again, and to her relief, her efforts have also destroyed the Mannequin parasite within her.