Fist of the North Star (1986)

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Nuclear war has devastated the planet, turning one fertile ground into a barren, inhospitable landscape on which mankind struggles desperately to stay alive. Society has collapsed and a fight for control wages between vicious dictators, super-powerful mutants, and biker gangs that terrorize the streets. In a world so cruel and bleak, only the chosen one can restore civilization to its former self. Kenshiro - master of the Hokuto Shinken fighting technique; a martial art so brutal that only a single being can be entrusted with its full power.

The Raging Flame Reverse Flow Punch! - There Are Too Many Who Must Die![edit | edit source]

In episode 10, Madam Patra a sorceress capture and enslave Mika a young woman that Ken saved from a group of bandits, she plans to sell her in a auction, upon seing her lover getting wonded in an attempt to save her Mika snaps from Patra's control.

Try Counting to Three! You're The One to Die![edit | edit source]

In episode 15, Ken arrive to a village ruled by Zaria a man who have the ability turn the vilagers into mind-controlled servants, after falling under Zaria's control Karen a woman who befriended Ken's group hypnotize Lin by swinging a lamp like a pendulum.