Floribella (2006 TV Series)

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Floribella was a 2006-2008 Portuguese telenovela about a poor teenager who meets and falls in love with a "prince," the son of a wealthy family. The series was based on the fairy tale of Cinderella, and was a remake of the 2004-2005 Argentine telenovela Floricienta. The series starred Luciana Abreu in the title role of Floricienta "Flor" Valente.

Season 2, Episodes 34-35[edit | edit source]

Flor is accidentally hypnotized by a therapist, her rivals Magda (Mafalda Vilhena) and Delfina (Susana Mendes) learn the trigger words that turn her "on" and "off" and use them to their advantage.

Video[edit | edit source]