Gargoyles: The Goliath Chronicles

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The Goliath Chronicles is the third and final television season of Gargoyles. It ran on ABC Saturday mornings in the 1996-97 season, as opposed to the preceding two seasons, where the series aired in syndication; this was an aftereffect of Disney's then recent acquisition of Capital Cities/ABC. With the exception of "The Journey", it is to be considered non-canon due to Greg Weisman leaving production after that episode.

The Goliath Chronicles featured a different opening credits sequence. The main antagonists were the Quarrymen, while the public becoming aware of the Manhattan Clan's existence drove most plots of the episodes. In DisneyPlus, the Intros of the episodes were replaced by the Season 2 version.

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To Serve Mankind (Season 1, Episode 11)[edit | edit source]

The clan gets word of some gargoyles in the city. They discover it's a trap, and the clan is captured. While the rest of the clan endures cruel experiments, Goliath is brainwashed for a mission.

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