Gilligan's Island

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Gilligan's Island is a 1964-1967 American sitcom that aired on the CBS television network. It followed the adventures of seven people who find themselves stranded on a tropical Pacific island. The series starred Bob Denver in the title role, with Alan Hale Jr., Jim Backus, Natalie Schafer, Tina Louise, Dawn Wells, and Russell Johnson portraying the other six 'castaways.'

Forget Me Not (Season 1, Episode 30)[edit | edit source]

The Skipper hits his head and develops amnesia, which jeopardizes a chance for the castaways to signal a passing US Navy fleet. To jog the Skipper's memories, the Professor tries hypnotic regression therapy, only to leave the Skipper 'stuck' in his World War II Navy days. He mistakes the other castaways for Japanese soldiers and locks them in a cave. The Professor tries to hypnotize him again, but only manages to entrance Gilligan and Mr. Howell. Eventually, the Skipper is hit on the head with a rock and regains his memories, but the Navy fleet has already sailed away. The next morning, Gilligan falls from their signal tower and ends up with his own case of amnesia.

The Friendly Physician (Season 2, Episode 29)[edit | edit source]

Mad scientist Boris Balinkoff (Vito Scotti) "rescues" the castaways and takes them to his nearby island, where he uses them as experimental subjects for his mind-swapping machine. Gilligan and Mr. Howell swap bodies, as do the Skipper and Mrs. Howell, the Professor and Mary Ann, and Ginger with Igor (Mike Mazurki), Balinkoff's hulking assistant. The castaways manage to free themselves and get back into their original bodies before Gilligan causes Balinkoff and Igor to switch bodies with a dog and cat. Escaping in Balinkoff's boat, the castaways can only make it back to their own island before the rickety rowboat sinks.

Voodoo (Season 3, Episode 5)[edit | edit source]

A witch doctor (Eddie Little Sky) steals personal objects from the castaways and attaches them to voodoo dolls he has made of them. After using the dolls to torment Gilligan and to pin Mary Ann and Ginger to each other, he uses another doll to place the Professor into a zombie-like trance. The spell is broken when Gilligan steals the voodoo dolls. The next day, Gilligan makes a doll of the Witch Doctor and sticks pins into it until the man flees, screaming, from the island.

Ring Around Gilligan (Season 3, Episode 9)[edit | edit source]

Mad scientist Boris Balinkoff returns to the island with a plan to use mind control rings to turn the castaways into his own army of hypnotized robots, with the goal of using them to rob the gold depository at Fort Knox. Although Gilligan is his primary test subject, the ring gets passed around to Mrs. Howell, The Skipper, and Ginger as well. Convinced that his rings can work on anyone, Boris has the entranced Gilligan give everyone a ring and orders them to stage a mock robbery of Fort Knox. The plan fails when the hypnotized castaways shower Boris with the "gold"- actually coconuts- and break his control device.

The Second Ginger Grant (Season 3, Episode 24)[edit | edit source]

Mary Ann hits her head and wakes up believing that she's Ginger. To avoid shocking her, the others play along- and Ginger dresses up as Mary Ann- until the Professor can figure out how to bring her back to normal. The Professor hypnotizes her and tells her that when she wakes up, she will be Mary Ann again, but the suggestion doesn't take. Further complications ensue when Gilligan (who was watching through the hut's window) is hypnotized at the same time and wakes up believing that he is Mary Ann.

After snapping Gilligan out of his trance, the Professor decides that the best way to cure Mary Ann is to force her to confront reality. The castaways allow her to perform a song-and-dance show for them. When 'Ginger' realizes that she can't sing and dance like the real thing, she finally reverts to her own personality.