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Grachi is a 2011 - 2013 American fantasy sitcom that aired on the Nickelodeon Latin America cable network. It stars Isabella Castillo as Grachi, a teenager who moves to a new town and, while struggling to fit in at her new school, discovers that she is a witch. The series costars Andres Mercado, Kimberly Dos Ramos, Mauricio Henao, Sol Rodriguez, Maria Gabriela de Faria, and Lance Dos Ramos.

Originally filmed in Spanish, an English-language translation was created for Nickelodeon Philippines in 2012. An English language remake, titled Every Witch Way, followed in 2014 on Nickelodeon's North American channels.

Scenes[edit | edit source]

Season 1 introduces the supporting character Sibilo Santisteban (William Valdes), a teenage wizard who is released from his magical prison after 400 years. Posing as a high school student at Grachi's school, he uses his hypnotic powers to manipulate and control others.

"Saliendo del Anillo" (Season 1, Episode 48)[edit | edit source]

Sibilo uses his powers on his first day of school to convince Cussy (Liannet Borrego) and Señora Directora (Martha Pabón) to allow him to join the school as a new student.

"Sibilo, el Hipnotista" (Season 1, Episode 49)[edit | edit source]

Grachi asks Sibilo to stop hypnotizing people. Instead, he hypnotizes her into becoming his ditzy, doe-eyed girlfriend.

"Traicionando a las Brujas" (Season 1, Episode 50)[edit | edit source]

Sibilo places his guardian, Lolo (Marisela González), under hypnosis immediately after promising her that he will stop using his hypnotic powers.

"Buenos Contra Malos" (Season 1, Episode 52)[edit | edit source]

Grachi entrusts her teacher/magic tutor Cussy with a magical tome, but unbeknownst to her, Sibilo has Cussy under hypnotic control and has her hand the book over to him.

"Poderes en Peligro" (Season 1, Episode 55)[edit | edit source]

Sibilo hypnotizes Lolo into doing his homework. Later, she is also entranced by Cussy.

"El Mayor Golpe de Suerte" (Season 1, Episode 60)[edit | edit source]

Sibilo and Matilda (Kimberly Dos Ramos) work together on an evil scheme. Sibilo uses his powers to hypnotize and freeze Ursula (Katie Barberi) and Lolo. He then hypnotizes Mecha (Sol Rodriguez) and alters her memories.