Guardians of the Fatherland (Стражи Отчизны)

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Guardians of the Fatherland (original title Стражи Отчизны) is a 2019 Russian action-adventure series about two men (Sergey Vorobyov and Dmitry Lavrov) who discover that they are the only remaining members of a top-secret group of sleeper agents. Reactivated by General Vavilov (Alexander Slastin), the pair join up with two new recruits (Jacob Shamshin, Daria Landa) to fight a wave of new threats to their country. The series aired on Russia's Channel Five network.

Matryoshka Nesting Dolls (Season 1, Episodes 1-2)[edit | edit source]

Andrei Krasnov (Vorobyov) wakes up in a hospital and finds himself the target of a deadly hunt by a terrorist group. He manages to escape, using combat skills he wasn't aware that he even had.

Meanwhile, the beautiful Anastasia (Kristina Ubels) is kidnapped, drugged, and hypnotized by Doctor Heinsbrugger (Yuri Utkin). Heinsbrugger and his partner Manson (Alexander Lazarev) plan to brainwash Anastasia into committing a terrorist bombing at an international Psychology Conference in Latvia, in order to pin the blame on Russia.

Andrei travels to a bar to meet Vladimir (Lavrov); the same terrorist group, linked to Manson, attack them.The two men escape and Vladimir discovers that he also has excellent fighting skills. The two men learn from General Vavilov that they are all that remains of a 1990s special forces team. When they retired, they were hypnotized into forgetting their former identities and skills. They are recuited to stop Manson from carrying out his plans.

Manson's men collect the fully brainwashed and programmed Anastasia, intending to let her recover for a day so that her disheveled condition will not attract attention, but Andrei and Vladimir ambush them and kidnap her. 

With Anastasia out of action, Heinsbrugger improvises. He kidnaps Yana (Landa), a beautiful doctor who is also attending the conference, and quickly hypnotizes her into carrying out the attack using a bomb planted in a video camera. Andrei and Vladimir disguise themselves as EMTs and manage to knock Yana unconcious and carry her- and the bomb-laden camera- awy from the conference.