Hamleto The Hamster

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Hamleto The Hamster is a funny comic strip published on the web and updated every Monday, Wednesday and Friday. It tells about the daily adventures of a cute yet cheeky hamster called Hamleto and his young and naive owner Alice.

Unlike the popular cartoon Hamtaro, this comic tries to focus on the actual aspects of hamster ownership (although there's room for a lot of surrealism, since hamsters can speak to each other and have a human-like behavior).

Alice, inexperienced at first, will have to learn to take care of her hamster in order to gain his affection. Hamleto, on the other hand, will have to deal with other hamsters, like Alice's best friend's hamster Orazio, the expansive Laerte, the sweet Ofelia and the rebellious Polonio.

The comic is available in Italian (the author native language) and in English (translation provided by the author).

The Wheel of Power[edit | edit source]

Hamleto runs on the hamster wheel to hypnotize Alice to depositing all her money into a bank account on in his name.