Hello Aliens

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“Hello Alien” is a youth campus science fiction drama jointly produced by iQIYI and Lafeng Media in 2014. It is directed by Zhang Gabei and Qiu Xiaojun and stars Hui Can, Zhuo Yuqian, Ji Zimo, and Tang Jingjing.

The series tells the story of Han Feng who came to study at an aristocratic Chinese school and met three good friends.

Plot[edit | edit source]

Story of Han Feng who comes to an elite school, and meets three close friends. At the same time, an alien appears and turns the school upside down.

Ep. 3[edit | edit source]

Han Yanzhi and Uncle Lei took Han Feng's body fluids and fake rings, but couldn't find any useful information. In the professional class, teachers and students heatedly discussed whether there may be life forms on Gemini. This made Han Feng interested in Gemini. As the commissioner of Gemini, Grandpa Han Yanzhi carefully observed Han Feng's every move. Fu Ma peeked at Gu Qi outside the teacher's office and was caught by Guo Xin. At Fu Ma's request, Guo Xin invited his cousin Gu Qi to have afternoon tea with them. Fu Ma was overjoyed and lost his temper in front of the two. Qiu Ziyi dozed off in class and was made trouble by Gu Qi. Wan Bingbing uses her super power to make Qiu Ziyi anger Gu Qi. On the other hand, Han Feng subconsciously used his super power to save Qiu Ziyi again.