I Love My President Though He’s A Psycho

From Mental Block

Episode 4&5[edit | edit source]

Gong Ou gathers the doctors and demands again for a treatment for Xiao Nian. They tell him that the hurt she’s experienced has grown like a tumor and needs to be “cut off.” The method? Hypnosis. [Insert snort here.] They would hypnotize her so that she relives the harassment she experienced, but the outcome would change because Gong Ou will rescue her. However, if he’s not someone she trusts, she would be further traumatized and they won’t be able to use hypnosis again. [Insert eye roll here.] He doesn’t want to take the risk, but Xiao Nian, who’s been listening outside, wants to try.

The hypnotist sends Xiao Nian into a trance and we see the same scenes of her being yelled at by the mob. Again, Gong Ou finds her sitting on the street. He finds her and says, “I believe you. Don’t be afraid, I’ll protect you. I’ll always be with you.” This time, instead of not reacting, she grabs him in a tearful hug. The real Gong Ou waits anxiously by her bedside as she comes out of the trance, but she still doesn’t speak. He’s hurt and angry, thinking that he’s not the person she trusts the most.