Inspector Gadget (2015 Series)

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Inspector Gadget is a 2015 CGI animated series and sequel to the 1983 series of the same name. With Penny acting in official capacity as a junior agent and opposed by rival agent Talon (CLAW's nephew). the team continues foiling MAD's modern-day evil schemes.

Rock Out (Season 1, Episode 3a)[edit | edit source]

Talon, disguised as a rock star, uses a MAD microphone to hypnotize a concert full of fans, including Penny herself.

Appy Days (Season 1, Episode 11b)[edit | edit source]

MAD attempts to hypnotize the world using a mobile phone app, and takes control of Penny's friend Kayla.

Get Smarts (Season 3, Episode 10a)[edit | edit source]

Talon uses a brain-draining gun to steal the intelligence of the smartest people in the world, including Penny.

Once upon a Screentime (Season 4, Episode 7b)[edit | edit source]

Mad plans to take to take over the world using video that leaves them blank.