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Invader Zim, often branded as Invader ZiM, is an American animated television series that was produced by and subsequently aired on Nickelodeon. The series is centered around an egotistical, clueless Irken invader named Zim who constantly and futilely attempts to conquer and destroy Earth, a more satirical version of the real world set in the distant future. Zim's schemes are usually foiled by Dib, a paranormal investigator who takes the Earth's protection into his own hands. Dib is among the few who sees through Zim's disguise. The show has no clear distinction of a protagonist or antagonist, and instead emphasized one's ability to empathize with Zim and Dib's lack of competence and vindication respectively.

Bestest Friend (Season 1, Episode 2)[edit | edit source]

Zim uses Keef, an ignored kid who goes to "Skool", as a decoy after hearing that not having any friends is inhuman. However, once Keef starts getting on Zim's nerves, he goes the long way to get rid of him.

Rise of the Zitboy (Season 1, Episode 13)[edit | edit source]

Zim is experimenting one day when Dib tries to sneak into his base in a ceramic squirrel costume. Zim sees through this disguise and kicks him out, but not before learning that Dib has found a weakness in his security system. This is confirmed by a pizza boy walking straight through his robotic guard gnomes and delivering a pizza. Zim goes inside, pondering the flaw, when GIR eats the pizza and then jumps on Zim, covering him in grease. This causes Zim to get a zit. GIR enjoys the zit very much and draws a little face on it, which Zim fears will make him stick out even more. After the zit grows he discovers that its motion has hypnotic powers so for a little test he uses it on GIR which hypnotizes him. Zim takes a little body from his GEARS/CIRCUITS/HEADLESS BODIES box and attaches it to the zit, which he names Pustulio and passes off as a friend. Zim uses this hypnotic (albeit disgusting) zit to gain control of the school children, and then forces Dib into revealing the weakness in Zim's base defenses.

Tak, the Hideous New Girl (Season 1, Episode 20)[edit | edit source]

Tak uses her eyes to make a student change her mind when insulting her.

The Voting of the Doomed[edit | edit source]

The class president suffers a mental breakdown after inadvertantly breaking a command from the shadowy cabal that controls the school. Her replacement, upon winning the election, is immediately brainwashed into an identical copy spouting the same propaganda from the beginning of the episode.