Invasion USA (1952)

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Invasion USA is a 1952 American drama starring Gerald Mohr and Peggy Castle about a devastating invasion of the United States by a rival Communist nation.

Plot Summary[edit | edit source]

In an upscale New York City bar, five Americans complain about the state of the world, their own government, and their high taxes. Another patron, Mr. Ohman (Dan O'Herilhy) chides them for their selfishness and begins to swirl the brandy in his glass, quickly hypnotizing the other customers. They imagine themselves in the middle of an attack by a foreign army that includes the use of tactical nuclear weapons and, eventually, an invasion by enemy paratroopers. Although all five resist as best they can, all are eventually killed as a result of the invasion.

After Carla (Castle), the last survivor, jumps to her death from a window to escape an enemy soldier, the five patrons awaken from their trance. They leave the bar, vowing to not take their country's national security for granted. Carla and Vince (Mohr), who became lovers in their trance state, decide to stay together in real life as well.