Ironside (1967 TV Series)

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[File:1-969713041.jpg|thumb]] Ironside (AKA "A Man Called Ironside") is a 1967 - 1975 American television crime drama that aired on the NBC television network. The show starred Raymond Burr as Robert T. Ironside (usually addressed by the title "Chief Ironside"), a former San Francisco Police Department Chief of Detectives who is appointed a "special department consultant" after he is paralyzed by a sniper's bullet. Putting his years of experience to work, Ironside solves the mystery of his own ambush as well as a host of other seemingly unsolvable crimes. The series costars Don Galloway, Barbara Anderson, and Gene Lyons.

The show was a ratings success, and earned Burr six Emmy and two Golden Globe nominations.

Raise The Devil: Part 2 (Season 8, Episode 2)[edit | edit source]

Ironside is seemingly drawn into the world of the paranormal when Lydia Todd (Norma Connolly) is murdered and her daughter Susan (Sian Barbara Allen) takes the blame, telling the police that she was possessed by the spirit of her dead brother and that he was ultimately responsible for the murder. Psychic Justine Cross (Carolyn Jones) believes Susan and wants to conduct an exorcism; Susan's psychiatrist Theodore Gallin (Bill Bixby) ridicules the idea. However, Dr. Gallin has other reasons for opposing Justine and Ironside's continued investigations- he's been using hypnosis to trick people into committing murder, including Jeff, Susan, and Lydia. When Ironside gets close to the truth, Dr. Gallin hypnotizes SFPD Officer Fran Belding (Elizabeth Baur) and programs her to kill Ironside.