Kenny the Shark

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Kenny the Shark is an animated television series produced by Discovery Kids. The show premiered on NBC's Discovery Kids on NBC from November 1, 2003 and ended February 18, 2006 with two seasons and 26 episodes in total having aired.

Kid's Menu ( Season 1, Episode 2 )[edit | edit source]

Kat hypnotizes herself so she won't forget to renew Kenny's shark tags. Spent the following so deeply hypnotized that she is unable to think of anything else. walks straight out of the house not eating or interacting with anyone saying she will  "tag to them later sharks" to her family. In class she has to say 

gettysburg address only to say shark tags over and over again. and during PE she stands in a trance during a volleyball game and tosses the ball saying "serving shark tags" and is hit in the head by the ball and snaps out of it.