Kent Blake of the Secret Service

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Kent Blake of the Secret Service is a spy comic book series published by Atlas Comics between 1951 and 1953. The eponymous main character is a former New York City policeman who escapes from a German prison camp during World War II and, after making his way to safety, is recruited into a secret American spy ring known as the Secret Service. After the end of World War II, Kent and his fellow agents find themselves busy battling Communist spies at home and Chinese soldiers in Korea.

The Death Trap! (Series 1, Issue 2)[edit | edit source]

At a trial of accused Communist spies, star witness Herbert Maxwell inexplicably proclaims the spies to be loyal Americans, leading to the charges against them being dropped. Maxwell then begins giving pro-Communist speeches at rallies. Kent Blake tails Maxwell and finds that one of the man's colleagues is injecting him with hypnotic drugs to brainwash him into betraying his country.

Dangerous Vacation (Series 1, Issue 5)[edit | edit source]

Kent takes some time off from work and drives to Long Island for a vacation. He is immediately drawn into a mystery involving Chinese spies and an experimental jet project. The head of the jet project, Jason Grant, is being hypnotized by his wife and brother-in-law to divulge data about the plane, which they then turn over to Chinese spies hiding in a submarine anchored offshore. Kent gets the drop on the spies and the sub is destroyed.