Kitchen (Кухня)

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Kitchen (Originally title: Кухня/Kukhnya) was a 2012-2016 Russian comedy-drama that aired on the STS television network about an aspiring young chef (Mark Bogatirev) who lands a job at a luxury Moscow hotel's famous restaurant. The series costarred Dmitry Nagiev (playing himself), Yelena Podkaminskaya, Viktor Horiniak, Olga Kuzmina, and Dmitry Nazarov.

Season 5, Episode 10[edit | edit source]

When a restaurant patron offers to pay his bill with two US hundred-dollar bills instead of rubles, Nastya (Kuzmina) eagerly accepts, knowing that it means a big tip, but Kostya the bartender (Horiniak) reveals that the money is actually just two slips of paper with "$100" written on them. Nastya, Kostya, and Max (Bogatirev) realize that a hypnotist is taking advantage of the hotel staff to get free stuff, but is it the restaurant patron, or someone else? And can they stop the hypnotist wihout falling under his/her control?