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Magnum, P.I. is an American crime drama television series starring Tom Selleck as Thomas Magnum, a private investigator (P.I.) living on Oahu, Hawaii. Magnum (full name Thomas Sullivan Magnum IV) is an ex-Navy "NIA" (ONI) Lieutenant, and Vietnam Special Ops veteran who resigned his commission at age thirty-three because he "never got to be twenty-three." On the beautiful Hawaiian islands, Magnum is a P.I. who enjoys life, his buddies, and who works just hard enough to keep it real.

The series ran from 1980 to 1988 during its first-run broadcast on the American television network CBS. Magnum, P.I. consistently ranked in the top twenty U.S. television programs in the Nielsen ratings during the first five years of its original run in the United States, finishing as high as number three, that for the 1982–83 season.

A remake series of the same name was ordered to series on May 11, 2018, and premiered on September 24, 2018 on CBS

Plot[edit | edit source]

“Ms. Jones” (Season 5, Episode 19)[edit | edit source]

Ms. Jones, the records clerk that Magnum always encounters, asks TM to find her missing husband.