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Magpakailanman ("Forever" in English) is a regular series in the Philippines featuring various stories based on true to life events broadcasted via the GMA Network.

"Magkapatid, Biktima ng Kulto" (Sisters, Victims of a Cult) Aired Sept 28 2019[edit | edit source]

Two sisters are lured into a cult and both are manipulated become wives of one of its key members.

One of them starts to realize one night that something is wrong. However her husband brings out a necklace and puts her in a trance to erase her doubts

She gets hypnotized using a necklace

"A Scandalous Crime" Aired Mar 21 2020[edit | edit source]

A young girl named Rina goes on a night out and gets hypnotized by a stalker. She totally falls under his control and is powerless to disobey him

Confusing words and questions are used to put her in a trance.