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A collection of mind control scenes in fiction. Help us take this wiki deeper by adding your own scenes!

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Ignorance of the rules does not excuse breaking the rules.

Regarding FANDOM and file size

Welcome to this wiki if you're here from the Mental Block Wiki, previously hosted at Wikia/FANDOM! There are a few things to keep in mind before editing here:

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Notice regarding the forum

We used to have a forum here, however it's currently offline due to its extension apparently posing a major security risk. We do not know if or when it will be restored. If you have any questions, including concerning the rules, contact one of the active moderators on their talk page:

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  1. Once again, look at the rules of the site before posting anything! These are just reminders of the essentials.
  2. This is a site that is visited by both adults, AND MINORS. Behave yourself. Be nice to others. No hate speech. No religion or politics. No shaming others for liking mind-control.
  3. Mind control, hypnosis, brainwashing, corruption, emotional control (including love potions or spells), body control, dream entrapment, and intelligence reduction, in FICTIONAL films, TV shows, comics, manga, anime, and literature, in any combination of gender, are allowed. Possession and parasitism are generally allowed, as long as mental changes resulting in a loss of control to another entity occur.
  4. Pornographic material is not allowed. Works featuring "real" hypnosis, such as documentaries and hypnotist videos, are not allowed.
  5. When posting, post only relevant pages and scenes: induction, scenes of the entranced character, awakenings. DO NOT POST FULL ISSUES, FILMS OR EPISODES.
  6. When uploading files, try to stick to the appropriate naming scheme and file size outlined within the rules. Also refer to the rules for information regarding embedded videos.
  7. Pages have a specific layout. Stick to it. When writing plot summaries, remember that this is a mind-control wiki. Readers are here to find information concerning those types of scenes, so don't just copy and paste from Wikipedia; adapt the summary to include a specific focus on the mind-control in the story. Always avoid putting a summary that does not include any mention of mind-control.
  8. Use the correct categories, and don't create yours without asking the mods. Refer to the respective category pages for descriptions, and tag incomplete pages (including your own) appropriately.
  9. When using talk pages, please be aware of the specific formatting rules and etiquette that apply therein. Don't use talk pages to harass other users. Sign your edits using quadruple tilde, and use headings when adding new topics. Read the rules for more detailed information.
  10. The moderators reserve the right to censor or delete, at any time, any content deemed inappropriate.

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