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A collection of mind control scenes in fiction. Help us take this wiki deeper by adding your own scenes!


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I'll like to remind everyone that Miraheze is unlike FANDOM but this come with a catch where the server specs are more limited.

Being a wiki that focuses on mind control scenes, pictures are a great way to depict it visually unlike text BUT please obey the following rules:

  1. Use JPEG instead of PNG whenever possible.
  2. Keep it below 300KB per file whenever possible!
  3. Exception for transparent images but that is extreme cases.
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That said, those who have the know how on image compressions and specs can upload PNG and even GIF... but let's stick to PNG if it is not animated.

Concerning embedded videos, the site currently only handles Youtube links. When uploading, the following syntaxes work (remove all quotes):

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Please stick to this syntax when uploading.

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  1. Look at the rules of the website in the forum before posting anything!
  2. Mind control, brainwashing, and hypnosis in FICTIONAL films, TV shows, comics, manga, and anime are allowed, in any combination of gender. Pornographic material is not allowed. Documentaries and hypnotist videos are not allowed.
  3. Mind control, hypnosis, brainwashing, corruption, emotional control (including love spells), body control, dream entrapment, and intelligence reduction are all allowed.
  4. When posting from comics and manga, post only relevant pages: induction, scenes of the entranced character, and awakenings. DO NOT POST FULL ISSUES.
  5. When posting videos, only post relevant scenes: no full films or episodes.
  6. More importantly, this is a site that is visited by both adults, AND MINORS. behave yourself. The administrators reserve the right to censor or delete any content deemed inappropriate.
  7. When using talk pages, please be aware of the specific formatting rules that apply therein (as, for instance, contrary to the forums, users' contributions are not signed by default). Visit the talk pages section in the detailed rules of the website to know more. Sign your edits using quadruple tilde "~~ ~~" (remove space and quotes) after each one (it makes it easier to keep track of who wrote what). When adding a new topic (e.g. a question), use a double equal heading ("==[your title here]==") to indicate a new section; if responding to an existing topic, no need to add this, simply go to a new paragraph.
  8. The specific rules concerning plot summary formatting are fairly loose. You may copy and paste information from external sites (e.g. Wikipedia or IMDb), HOWEVER remember that this is a mind-control wiki. Readers are here to find information concerning those types of scenes; so adapt the summary to include a specific focus on the mind-control in the story. Either cut out extraneous information, or simply add a couple of lines about the mind-control.

In general, it is better if a summary is shorter and less detailed, but includes actual details concerning the mind-control, rather than if it describes the plot in full detail, but glosses over the mind-control.

Always avoid putting a summary that does not include any mention of mind-control. It's better to leave it empty in that case.

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