Man in a Suitcase

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Man in a Suitcase is a British television private eye spy thriller series produced by Lew Grade's ITC Entertainment. It originally aired in the United Kingdom on ITV from 27 September 1967 to 17 April 1968. ABC broadcast episodes of Man in a Suitcase in the United States from 3 May to 20 September 1968.

Plot[edit | edit source]

McGill (known as "Mac") is a former U.S. intelligence agent based in London. After being thrown out of the agency for something he did not do, he finds his infamous reputation has preceded him everywhere he goes. To make ends meet he takes odd and intriguing "private eye" jobs throughout Europe, all the while trying to clear his name.

Brainwash (Season 1, Episode 1)[edit | edit source]

American McGill, a former intelligence officer back in the States, was forced to resign when he was made the scapegoat in the wake of a scientist's defection to Russia. Now he operates as a private eye in England. Duped into believing he is going to meet a client, he is knocked unconscious and awakes to find himself a prisoner of Colonel Davies and his men. Davies was head of Ikwala, an African country which was subject to a coup and Davies replaced by local man Dr. Gwabe. Davies wants McGill to sign a confession admitting his part, on behalf of the American government, in the coup, and is prepared to torture and brain-wash him into making that confession.