Mausoleum (1983)

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Mausoleum is a 1983 American horror film starring Bobbie Bresee as a housewife who becomes possessed by an ancient demon and terrorizes those around her. The film costars Marjoe Gortner and Norman Burton. The film was made primarily for the growing home video market, but also saw a limited theatrical release in the United States.

Plot[edit | edit source]

As a young girl, Susan Walker (Julie Christie Murray) flees her mother's funeral and runs to an old mausoleum, which opens its doors for her. Inside is a demon that seems to captivate her. Twenty years later, Susan (Bobbie Bresee) visits her mother's grave and is drawn to the same mausoleum, where she again goes into a trance. She wakes up at home with her husband (Gortner), unable to remember how she got home.

Susan is now possessed by the demon from the crypt, which begins to exert more and more control over her life. It causes her to kill people with supernatural powers, including her gardener, the replacement gardener, and her own aunt. She also begins to transform into a demonic creature.

Susan's husband takes her to Dr. Andrew (Burton), who hypnotizes her and watches in horror as the demon takes control. He researches her family's history and learns that each of their first-born daughters, including Susan's mother, died young after being possessed by the same demon. Using a crown of thorns from the demon's crypt, Dr. Andrew is able to banish the demon and save Susan.