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This is a special page to inform users of the website's rules, in greater detail. Users are obligated to check on the website rules before posting, or contributing to Mental Block.

Ignorance of the rules does not excuse breaking the rules.

If you have any concerns, doubts or questions regarding the following rules, contact one of the active moderators on their talk page:

On these pages, use a new heading to ask your question. If you use the "New topic" button, you can enter the heading in the input bar, otherwise you can find the formatting for headings in the "source editing" panel. A second-level heading should be fine, like so: ==HEADER==

Golden rules of behavior

The following rules apply both to the talk pages, and the website in general:

  1. Be the change you want to see here. Anyone can help build this wiki, and it's built on collaboration - if there's a scene you notice is missing, why not upload it yourself?
  2. This is a site that is visited by both adults, AND MINORS. Behave yourself.
  3. Always treat others politely. Be as kind as possible. Keep an open mind, and act in good faith.
  4. We have taken the conscious decision to avoid any sort of sexual association with mind-control media, to prevent unfortunate implications; this wiki was designed as a purely informative look at mind-control scenes to build a comprehensive collection, no more, no less. Therefore, no sexual content, of any kind, is to be published, or linked to, using this website.
  5. No one here wants to hear your opinion concerning the morals or ethics of this place. "Kink-shaming", or similar implications that people are bad for using this website, is not allowed. If the content disturbs you, simply click away.
  6. Commercial spam or publicity in general is prohibited, and may result in a permanent block.
  7. Discussions of politics or religions are forbidden.
  8. No bullying or harassment will be tolerated. Hate speech, of any kind, is prohibited. A permanent block may result from any personal attack towards other users based on:
  • race,
  • religion,
  • nationality, geographical origin, or ethnicity,
  • disability,
  • or sexual/gender identity, expression, or orientation.
    • Any general promotion of hate based on the above may similarly result in a permanent block.

Uploading content

General rules

Most of the important rules concerning content are already outlined on the main page, but we'll reiterate them here. If in doubt, please contact one of the mods.

  • Your edits will be moderated and filtered prior to being posted. Please remember that moderators are unpaid volunteers, and that this process could take a while. Don't harass the mods about getting your edits accepted. If it takes more than a week, you may leave a message on one of our talk pages.
  • Mind control, brainwashing, and hypnosis in films, TV shows, comics, manga, anime, literature, theatre or musicals are allowed, in any combination of gender, as long as it is FICTIONAL.
    • In general, any form of entertainment media is allowed. If it's viewable/readable somewhere, it's going to count.
    • Any character is generally allowed. They can be any gender, any age, and even be something other than human, in either the role of the hypnotist or that of the hypnotized.
  • Mind control, hypnosis, brainwashing, corruption, emotional control (including love potions or spells), body control, dream entrapment, and intelligence reduction are all allowed. Possession and parasitism are generally allowed, as long as mental changes resulting in a loss of control to another entity occur.
    • The baseline is: does a character perform actions of their own free will? If not, are they being physically coerced, or mentally coerced? Physical coercion - e.g. blackmail or bondage - does not count. Mental coercion - all the methods outlined above - does count.

Forbidden content

  • As a result of our stance concerning sexualized and fetishistic content, pornographic material is not allowed.
    • No porn. No exceptions. Seriously. No hentai, no softcore lit, nothing. Some amount of light erotica may be allowed if the general focus of the work and the mind-control it showcases are obviously not erotic, but this should be looked at on a case-by-case basis. Whatever the case, contact the moderators if you suspect the work you want to post falls under this rule.
  • This shouldn't have to be said, but pornographic (or even lightly erotic) content featuring children is NOT ALLOWED, and will result in an instant block at minimum.
  • Documentaries and hypnotist videos are not allowed.
    • In general, any non-fictional or "real" work (meaning works featuring real hypnosis) is not allowed. This includes documentaries, as outlined above, but also hypnosis stage shows, or news articles.
  • When posting from comics and manga, post only relevant pages: induction, scenes of the entranced character, and awakenings. DO NOT POST FULL ISSUES.
  • When posting videos, post only relevant scenes. DO NOT POST FULL FILMS OR EPISODES.
    • Illegal download links, or links to full works, are entirely prohibited, and will be removed without warning.
  • Additional exceptions may be made on a case-by-case basis.
    • Use proper judgement when uploading. If it's potentially illegal, it shouldn't be here. If in doubt, ask the mods.

Rules concerning files

Uploading pictures

  • As Miraheze is a wiki that focuses on mind control scenes, pictures are a great way to accompany text and depict these instances visually; additionally, Miraheze has more freedom and flexibility than FANDOM. However, its server specs are more limited, therefore please obey the following rules:
    • Use JPEG instead of PNG whenever possible.
    • Keep it below 300KB per file whenever possible!
      • There may be exceptions to the above two rules (e.g. for transparent images), but these should be rare cases. Those who have the know-how on image compressions and specs can upload PNG, and even GIF (but ideally stick to PNG if the image is not animated).
    • Use proper file naming in a logical manner. E.g:
      • thundercats-s001ep001-001.jpg
      • gijoe1985-s001ep040-001.jpg
      • kingdomhearts3-bossbattle-bigbadboss.jpg
      • vampirehunterd1985-title-artwork.jpg
        • Please stick to this naming convention!
    • If you notice a file is duplicated, please mark it for deletion by editing it and adding the {{Delete}} tag. This will allow the moderators to remove additional files and save space.

Uploading videos

  • Concerning embedded videos, the site currently only handles Youtube links. When uploading, the following syntaxes work, please stick to one of them:
    • <youtube>VIDEO_ID</youtube>
    • <youtube></youtube>
    • <youtube></youtube>
    • <youtube></youtube>
    • <youtube></youtube>
    • <youtube></youtube>
      • The "Video ID" is the string of letters and numbers after the "watch?v=" part of the Youtube URL. For instance, in the video "", the video ID would be "zWh3CShX_do".

Obeying the above rules will help to ease the load of Miraheze servers while ensuring easier housekeeping for the moderators and admins.

Formatting rules

  • The structure of a page should be as follows:
Page image: [[File:"FILENAME.jpg"|thumb]]
Lead section: Containing general information about the work (e.g. date of release, name of creators), as well as a short description of what the work is about
Plot summary: In the case of "single-plot" works like movies, keep it short and to the point, with a single heading (==Plot summary==, ==Plot== or ==Synopsis==). In the case of episodes (or works from a single series), add a section for each episode, with a heading per episode (==Episode 1==, ==Episode 2==, etc.).
Gallery/Excerpt: Add a ==Gallery== heading and a single gallery if posting a movie, otherwise add one gallery section per episode (under each synopsis), without a heading. "Excerpts" are reserved for works of literature (novels).
(Optional:Video excerpt) If it's a work of visual media (films, cartoons, etc.), you may add an embedded link to a video featuring the relevant scene, using the formatting described above. As always, do not add links to full movies or episodes.
  • The specific rules concerning plot summary formatting are fairly loose. You may copy and paste information from external sites (e.g. Wikipedia or IMDb), HOWEVER remember that this is a mind-control wiki. Readers are here to find information concerning those types of scenes; so adapt the summary to include a specific focus on the mind-control in the story. Either cut out extraneous information, or simply add a couple of lines about the mind-control.
    • Don't include summaries with no mention of mind-control. It's better to leave the section empty in that case, and categorize the page accordingly (see below).
    • In general, it is better if a summary is shorter and less detailed, but includes actual details concerning the mind-control, rather than if it describes the plot in full detail, but glosses over the mind-control.

Rules concerning categories

  • Categories count as "real" content, just the same as articles, and so are bound to the same rules of quality.
  • Tag your contributions accordingly with the correct categories! Take a look at the Category Index page to check the full list.
  • Pay particular attention to (and use) the categories that concern maintenance; if your page requires polishing or completing, it is expected of you to mark it as such, regardless of whether you intend to fix it yourself.
    • As a reminder:
      • Incomplete pages lack standard features, such as episode names, or a synopsis - this category also includes articles marked for clean-up (articles with formatting issues in need of clean-up like grammatical mistakes or excessively detailed synopses) and article stubs (short articles that can be extended with additional information or content);
      • Pages in need of screencaps do not count as incomplete pages per se, but should still be marked as such.
  • DO NOT add your own, new categories to pages. This makes the website more confusing and organization harder. If you have an idea for a new category, contact one of the mods.
  • Be appropriate with the categories that you add - they have specific definitions. If a work belongs to a category, feel free to add it; if, however, it is only loosely related, but doesn't seem included in the category's definition, then don't.
    • Category definitions should be written at the top of category pages. If a category page is lacking a definition, please inform the mods.
The "Detective" category has the following definition:
"Movies and television series that center around detectives, private investigators, police agencies, and other crime and mystery-solving individuals. More generally, the crime genre."
This means that works within the "Detective" category have to be detective fiction (also known as "crime fiction"). It's not enough that a "detective" merely appear in the work - the mere presence of a detective within the work does NOT imply that the work is of the "Detective" genre. Hence, only categorize pages that are officially centered around detective work and/or the solving of crimes and mysteries.
For instance, works featuring Batman, despite his title of "World's Greatest Detective", would only count if the work is specifically about him solving a mystery or a crime, and the process of him doing so (e.g. deducing culprits, doing investigative work, etc.) - in other words, they wouldn't count unless the detective aspect (as opposed to, say, the superhero one) is the main genre of the work. Him just "fighting crime" as a superhero does NOT count.
The "Dracula" category should only include works featuring the vampire lord himself. If the character is some derivative resembling him, or has been renamed to a similar (but not identical) character, or is otherwise a homage or reference but not the real thing, it shouldn't be included.
  • If unsure which category a work belongs to, or if in doubt about whether a category should include a specific work, please don't hesitate to contact the mods.

Rules specific to discussion pages

  1. You may create talk pages for any pages that do not have one, as long as there is a specific reason for it.
  2. The above-written general wiki rules, and particularly the rules of behavior, apply to talk pages.
    1. As with the rest of the website, illegal links are prohibited in talk pages; queries concerning forbidden links (e.g. "Where can one watch this for free?") are also forbidden, and will be removed without warning just like the links themselves.
    2. You may create a new topic on users' talk pages unless the user has specifically requested not to do so, or unless they have signalled that they do not wish to interact with you. If this is the case, please respect their wishes, or moderators may be forced to take action.
    3. Please wait until the user has responded before introducing another topic on their talk page.
    4. In general, do not harass other users (moderators or otherwise) on their talk page, or spam their talk page with unwanted queries or topics.
  3. Remember to sign your additions to talk pages, allowing readers to know who wrote what. To do so, use four tildes after any posting you make, which will automatically add a signature, like so: ~~~~.
    1. This should be done after any new topic, as well as any response to a topic.
  4. Similarly, please indent correctly. By default, all the edits are simply kept in one paragraph. For ease of reading, add a colon (:) in front of each contribution or response you make that is not the first one, which will indent it by one space. If you want to add a lower-level contribution (i.e. a response to a response), indent it properly by adding however many colons are necessary.
  5. If at all possible, please title your contributions to talk pages with a proper heading (unless you are responding to another user). On talk pages, a 2nd level heading (==HEADING==) should be appropriate for any additional response that warrants a new section. Otherwise, simply use the "New topic" button to enter the heading and have it be formatted automatically.
  6. Rather than complaining on talk pages about how your favorite scene is missing, first check to see if it's actually there by going through the Category Index, and then by looking over the Sightings.

Punishments for rule-breaking

If you break any of the above rules, for instance by:

  1. Behaving contrary to the golden rules;
  2. Uploading forbidden formats or content, such as non-hypnosis-related or pornographic content, or fully copyrighted content;
  3. Misusing categories, either by repeatedly not categorizing things properly, or by abusively adding new categories;
  4. Harassing or spamming other users on their talk pages;

Moderators will take action, with a warning. Should you break the rules repeatedly, or should your rule-breaking behavior be sufficiently serious, moderators reserve the right to block you either temporarily or indefinitely, without warning if need be.

Final words

The administrators and moderators reserve the right to censor or delete, at any time, any content deemed inappropriate.

Feel free to contribute, but respect these rules and don't be a terrible person, it's really as simple as that.