Najica Blitz Tactics

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Najica Blitz Tactics (Japanese: ナジカ電撃作戦, Hepburn: Najika Dengeki Sakusen) is an anime television series by Studio Fantasia and Amber Film Works. It aired in Japan from October to December 2001. The series is similar to that of Agent Aika, both being directed by Katsuhiko Nishijima and animated by Studio Fantasia, with much of the same content.

Though Najica was later adapted into a manga by Takuya Tashiro (田代 琢也, Tashiro Takuya), the majority of the difference in content were in the context of the missions and especially the ending.

Plot[edit | edit source]

Najica Hiiragi is a noted perfumer for CRI Cosmetics, famous for being able to identify over 500 scents. Secretly, however, she is actually a field agent for CRI's Intelligence Bureau, an agency unknown to the public and even to most of its own employees for the sake of their own protection.

Najica is assigned the mission to recover a Humaritt (android) codenamed "ZZZ" and referred to as "Lila". Najica becomes suspicious when CRI Intelligence is contracted by Shinba Industrial to recover more lost and possibly rogue Humaritts; especially since most of them are in the hands of criminals, revolutionaries, guerrillas or terrorist groups. Her suspicions increase when Lila is assigned to be her partner, even though Najica insists she be allowed to continue working alone. As time goes on, however, Najica begins to trust Lila, even if Lila's lack of social graces make her wince.

The Fictitious Star with a Sweet Trap-like Perfume (Episode 4)[edit | edit source]

Najica's next mission is to investigate a Japanese idol group called the 4C'zNs as one of its members is suspected of being a Humaritt. Lila pretends to be a new idol, and tries to scan the girls to see if they have the serial numbers indicative of a Humaritt. However, it proves difficult as the girls act the same, leading them to wonder if they might all be Humaritts. When the girls capture Lila, Najica rescues her but as they chase down the girls, they discover that they don't have the special markings and that their manager is the true Humaritt.