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RWBY (pronounced "Ruby") is an American anime-style web series and media franchise created by the late Monty Oum for Rooster Teeth. The show is set in the fictional world of Remnant, where young people train to become warriors (called "Huntsmen" and "Huntresses") to protect their world from monsters called Grimm. The name RWBY is derived from the four main characters' forenames: Ruby, Weiss, Blake, and Yang, as well as their associated theme colors; Red, White, Black, and Yellow, and their combined team name: team RWBY.

The series focuses on four girls that enrolled in Beacon Academy in the kingdom of Vale: Ruby Rose, Weiss Schnee, Blake Belladonna (of the half-human, half-animal Faunus race), and Ruby's half-sister Yang Xiao Long. Together, they form team RWBY ("ruby"). At the time of Team RWBY's formation, numerous Dust thefts are carried out in Vale by local crime lord Roman Torchwick the White Fang, a pro-Faunus terrorist group. Team RWBY proceeds to investigate their connection to Salem's apprentice Cinder Fall, and her scheme to destroy Beacon and plunge Remnant into chaos.

Lessons Learned (Volume 3, Episode 4)[edit | edit source]

Mercury Black and Emerald Sustrai face off against Coco Adel and Yatsuhashi Daichi in the doubles round of the Vytal Festival. Emerald takes Coco by surprise, dragging her deeper into the forested area where she has taken cover. Mercury and Yatsuhashi square off individually in close combat at the geyser field, in which Mercury consistently appears to have the upper hand. What initially appears to be Yatsuhashi appears behind Coco, but this is soon revealed to be an illusion, as he has actually been eliminated by Mercury on the opposite side of the arena. Emerald emerges from the shadows and knocks Coco out, ending the match.

Fall (Volume 3, Episode 6)[edit | edit source]

Emerald uses her Semblance to trick Yang into believing that Mercury is attacking her after their tournament match has concluded. Yang reacts by reflexively punching and firing her weapon to stop Mercury from kicking her. In reality, Mercury stands up, calmly walks toward her and stands in the perfect spot for the bullet she fires to strike his leg.

Beginning of the End (Volume 3, Episode 7)[edit | edit source]

(Flashbacks) As Amber traverses a remote field alone on horseback, Emerald creates a hallucination of a helpless little girl who has fallen off her bicycle. When Amber stops to help, Emerald, Mercury and Cinder attack.

Mercury is taken away on a stretcher by paramedics, who are under the hallucination that his robotic leg is real and broken.

PvP (Volume 3, Episode 9)[edit | edit source]

Emerald uses her Semblance to make Pyrrha see thousands of swords instead of the true number, resulting in the latter's panicked response with her own Semblance.

Vault of the Spring Maiden (Volume 5, Episode 12)[edit | edit source]

In her and Mercury's fight against Yang, Emerald uses her Semblance to create multiple copies of Mercury, which surround Yang.

Haven's Fate (Volume 5, Episode 14)[edit | edit source]

Emerald, devastated that Cinder Fall did not return, uses her Semblance to unleash a powerful hallucination, which creates an apparition of Salem that frightens Ruby and her friends.

The Coming Storm (Volume 6, Episode 5)[edit | edit source]

At Brunswick Farms, the heroes enter the main farmhouse to find it seemingly deserted, only for Weiss and Yang to discover the dead bodies of the former inhabitants in their beds. Qrow's investigation reveals that throughout the entire farm is the same scene, as though everyone went to sleep without ever waking up. With the storm getting worse, the group prepares for an overnight stay; Yang and Weiss show fatigue from the events of the day.

Alone in the Woods (Volume 6, Episode 6)[edit | edit source]

The team is slow to rise the next morning, with Ruby having to wake a hungover Qrow up. Their departure from the farms is further slowed down by the entire group showing signs of exhaustion. Convinced by her teammates that protecting the Relic is more trouble than it's worth, Ruby succumbs to tiredness and starts to think about dropping the Relic down the well. As she looks down into it, something there shocks her out of stupor but causes her to drop the Relic. As the team go down into the well, they encounter the pack of Apathy Grimm. The Apathy's screech drains their will, which causes them to be nearly overcome by a wave of exhaustion. Seeing Blake unable to escape, Ruby unleashes her silver eye powers, destroying the Apathy.

Super Besties (Chibi: Season 2, Episode 6)[edit | edit source]

While her teammates are asleep, Ruby hypnotizes them: Weiss is forced to become her "bestie" and have a day of fun with her, Yang is forced to hand Ruby cash and the keys to her motorcycle, and Blake is forced to become a "back-up bestie". In Weiss' case, she's aware of what's happening and struggling to resist, but can't.