Ranma ½

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Ranma ½ is a manga made by Rumiko Takahashi.

Chapter 93[edit | edit source]

Ranma ingests a love pill and momentarily falls in love for Cologne.

Chapter 110[edit | edit source]

Shampoo uses a magic food that control Ranma moves. So, when someone sneezes, Ranma embraces him.

Chapter 111[edit | edit source]

Akane eats the magic food and embraces all men that she see, except Ranma. Shampoo eats too and goes home.

Chapter 123[edit | edit source]

Shampoo uses the pressure point in Akane head to hypnotizes her.

Chapter 138[edit | edit source]

Bakeneko possess Genma.

Chapter 200[edit | edit source]

Gosunkugi use paper dolls to induce actions on Ranma, Kuno and Akane.

Episode 104 (Anime)[edit | edit source]

Sasuke hypnotizes Ranma