Saint Tail

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Saint Tail (怪盗セイント・テール Kaitō Seinto Tēru, Mysterious Thief Saint Tail) is a manga and anime series. Originally a twenty-four part manga by Megumi Tachikawa, the story was adapted into an anime television series by producer Tokyo Movie Shinsha, with forty-three episodes and one short, broadcast by ABC.

Meimi Haneoka, age 14, is your popular gal with long flowing orange hair. She studies at the Junior High class at St. Paulia's, a private Catholic school in a Japanese city that seems to have many wealthy citizens. During the daytime she likes to have fun with her classmates, especially her buddy Seira Mimori, who is training to be a nun at their church. But when people start visiting the church sanctuary and start confessing to Seira about things that they have lost to corrupt politicians and business folk, Meimi helps out by transforming into Saint Tail, a mysterious thief dressed as a magician girl with a long orange ponytail.

A Formidable Foe!? A Mischievous Pixie's Trap! (Episode 41)[edit | edit source]

Saint Tail tries to recover a statue that was stolen by Maju, during their confrontation Saint Tail ended up hypnotized by her enemy.

Mom's Enemy! Rosemary's Conspiracy (Episode 42)[edit | edit source]

During a walk Asuka Jr. is grabbed and pulled into a dark alley, his captor is revealed to be Rosemary who use a powder called Jade dust to hypnotize him to sleep. Later in the episode Maju hypnotize Saint Tail again, she make her think that she is being assaulted by skeleton.