Stalked by My Doctor: A Sleepwalker's Nightmare

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Stalked by my Doctor: A Sleepwalker's Nightmare is a 2019 American thriller starring Eric Roberts, Emilie Ullerup, and Angeline Appel. It is the fourth installment in Lifetime's Stalked by My Doctor series (starring Eric Roberts as an insane doctor who develops homicidal crushes on young women) as well as a direct sequel to Lifetime's Sleepwalking in Suburbia (starring Emilie Ullerup as a woman who suffers from 'sexsomnia'). In this film, Doctor Albert Beck (Roberts) gets a job at a sleep clinic and encounters Michelle (Ullerup), who is seeking treatment for her sleepwalking. Dr. Beck quickly falls for Michelle's niece Katie (Appel), who suffers from a similar condition.

Plot[edit | edit source]

After escaping his previous predicament in Stalked by My Doctor: Patient's Revenge (2018), Dr. Albert Beck returns to the United States, murdering a doctor who is on his way to start a new job at a sleep clinic. Beck assumes the man's identity and shows up at the clinic to take the job for himself. His first patient is the beautiful Michelle Miller, a chronic sleepwalker who suffers from sexsomnia- a condition that causes her to seek out and have sex with other men while she is sleepwalking. Having avoided jail time after killing her husband, she finds herself in trouble again after sleepwalking her way into a wedding reception and attempting to make out with the groom.

Although the sleepwalking Michelle is more than happy to have sex with Dr. Beck, he directs his attentions towards Michelle's niece Katie, who has left college after a series of humiliating incidents surrounding her own sleepwalking issues. Katie confesses to Michelle (and Beck happily overhears) that when she sleepwalks she becomes highly open to suggestion, acting as if hypnotized.

Beck takes the opportunity to make the sleepwalking/hypnotized Katie fall in love with him. He uses her to lure her boyfriend (Matt Rife) to a parking garage, where Beck throws him down a flight of stairs to his death. Although Katie knows that she sent the texts that brought her boyfriend to the garage, Beck convinces her that she fell back to sleep right after sending the texts, and that her boyfriend's death was simply an accident. Michelle, however, remains suspicious, and foolishly relates those suspicions to Beck. When a fellow doctor at the clinic (Felissa Rose) uncovers Beck's true identity, he murders her and frames Michelle for it. Committed to an insane asylum, Michelle escapes and races to free Katie from Beck's mind control.