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Star Driver also known as Star Driver: Kagayaki no Takuto (STAR DRIVER 輝きのタクト Sutā Doraibā Kagayaki no Takuto, lit. "STAR DRIVER: Takuto of The Radiance"), is a 2010/2011 Japanese anime television series created and animated by Bones and produced by Aniplex. It takes place on the fictional Southern Cross Isle. It focuses on the teenager named boy Takuto who enrolls in Southern Cross High School as a freshman and makes new friends. However, beneath the school is a group of mysterious giants called Cybodies, which can be controlled by humans in an alternate dimension known as Zero Time. Takuto finds himself dragged into opposition with the Glittering Crux Brigade, a mysterious group that intends to take possession of the island's Cybodies for their own purposes.

Wako's Song ( Episode 4 )[edit | edit source]

Keito Nichi one of Takutos classmate and member of the Glittering Crux organization, lures Tiger into her lab were she drugs her into an hypnotic state, she exploit the jealousy that Tiger feels toward Wako to make her operate a Cybody and attack Takuto and Wako.

The Meaning of Mandrake ( Episode 5 )[edit | edit source]

Midori Okamoto, known as Professor Green of the Glittering Crux, use a love potion to make all the school boys infatuated with her.

A Faraway World ( Episode 7 )[edit | edit source]

Benio Shinada has the ability to control the men that she kiss, she use her power on an unconscious Sugata.

Always Like a Shooting Star ( Episode 8 )[edit | edit source]

Benio tries to use her ability to capture Sugata and use him to empower her Cybody, but he succed in breaking free from her control and hijack her Cybody instead.

Our Apprivoiser ( Episode 25 )[edit | edit source]

Reiji uses the powers of his cybody to hijack Samekh and restore all previously destroyed cybodies under his control.