Street Football (TV Series)

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Street Football ( also know as Foot 2 rue in french ) is a French-Italian animated television series made by Cofinova 1 / Marathon Productions. It ran from December 2007 till December 2011 and was aired on France 3, the serie is divided into three seasons, for a total of 78 episodes.

It is the story of Sebastian (Tag), Gabriel and the Tekno brothers: four inseparable friends and students from the Riffler High School, whose director is Miss Adelaide. This group of friends has always had a passion for street football.

Teknique de drague (Season 3, Episode 18)[edit | edit source]

The Blues have a match against the Egyptian team Pharaohs Nile, one of their members a teenage girl called Liraz can mesmerize anyone who look directly into her eyes; she uses this ability several times during the match.